About Us

The Conservancy was formed in 1995 by constituents of the Dallas Southern Memorial Association, The Turtle Creek Association, Oak Lawn Forum, The Oak Lawn Committee, and Dallas Tavern Guild. Lee Park & Arlington Hall Conservancy then assumed the responsibility for renovation, further development, and conservation of the historic site of Lee Park and Arlington Hall. A contractual arrangement with the City of Dallas was executed three years later.

For over thirty years, Arlington Hall and its surrounding public park area had suffered significant neglect and decay. Through a public-private effort between the City of Dallas and the Conservancy, the Hall underwent a complete rehabilitation and major expansion, which was completed in December 2003. The Conservancy raised $2,150,000 in private monies for the project. The city provided an additional $500,000 in bond money.

After completion of the Hall, the Conservancy turned its attention to the surrounding parklands. The current project is designed by Armstrong-Berger and includes the addition of new features to the portions of the park contiguous to Arlington Hall.

Nearly $6,000,000 in private funds have been raised and invested so far in new gardens and other park amenities.  

Through its Board of Directors, the Conservancy has enlisted the volunteer help and oversight expertise of engineers, architects, attorneys, bankers, designers and project managers who actively participate in fulfilling the Conservancy’s mission. This group of volunteer professionals has worked closely with the landscape architect and the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department to ensure well-planned and expertly executed projects for Oak  Lawn Park.